Rowing Innovation and Sports Engineering

The team

Since the establishment of RISE in 2013, RISE is one of the many innovative Dream-teams of the TU Delft. Now after three years, we are still working hard making the fastest rowboats in the world. The team consists out of motivated students from the TU Delft, The Hague University and InHolland University. Students from all different sorts of disciplines have been brought together, to work on the most fantastic sports project of Delft.
In the team we have students from hardcore engineering majors and more management majors. T
The team is build up out of four departments: Management, Public Relations, Finance and Research & development, the best configuration for the team of RISE.
With the present team we aim to perfect our skiff rowboat, so eventually we will be able to make the fastest rowboat in the world and set a world record on the two kilometer distance.

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Karsten Koelewijn – Team Manager


Public relations

Amber Middelhoek – PR Manager


Anna Simons – Treasurer

Koen Meijer – Acquisition

Lucas Kluiters – Acquisition

Research and Development

Jaep Koning – Chief Engineer & Chief Hydrofoils

Lukas Müller – Hydrofoil Engineer

The goal

RISE’s mission is to design and build the most innovative and fastest rowing boat in the world. The dream is to race in a competition with other universities which build similar boats. Right now the team has finished developing their first boat, the “Akzo Nobel”. With this boat, RISE will  show that it is possible to sail on hydrofoils with a four-person rowing boat and to decrease the resistance so it can be reached speeds are not possible with conventional rowing boats. The boat will be outside the FISA regulations. The team is currently designing a single scull’s rowing shell on hydrofoils.

The team hopes to stimulate the regular rowing sport to apply new techniques and methods. The design of a rowing shell, with a few minor differences, is unchanged for decades. Many other sports, think of sailing or skating, are constantly innovating. Also in rowing there are many areas to innovate.  For example, the possibility of sliding riggers in multi-person boats, hydrofoils, hull construction, special stir variants, innovative footboards, special blade shapes and new coatings. RISE believes that innovative changes will come improve our sport and inspires rowers, coaches, and other enthusiasts to sometimes think outside the traditional boundaries of rowing.


Sponsor options

To be able to develop an innovative rowing shell, the team relies on her partners. For the next rowing shell, the team is looking for new partners who sponsor this project. As a partner, you can donate funds, products and/or services.

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  • Adress: Stevinweg 4, 2628CN, Delft
  • Phone: (+31) 15 278 70 67
  • Email:

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